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I actually have a real window in my new office & the view from it is pretty amazing. It looks to the west, so I will get to see some amazing New Mexico sunsets!


So I walked in to my new office this morning & found this sitting on my new desk! 🙂 I love the people I work with!

Best Seat In The House


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Being that I am a “Jack of all trades”, one of the things that got put
on me was to get our logo into Autocad for a job we are working on. I
was very excited to work with Autocad again as its something that I
have not really done in the past 5.5 years. A little back history for
you: Before the job I currently hold, I spent 3 years designing
restaurants and commercial kitchens. While I do sometimes miss the
work, I really do enjoy working in IT more.

Anyway, I get to play with Autocad a little every now and then, but
nothing like what I used to do. So working this afternoon and tonight
on this has been a blast for me. Also for those of you who think this
was a simple matter of doing an “import” or something like that, your
are wrong. I had to draw this logo from scratch and think I did a good
job. There are still a few things I want to tweak and change, but
overall its pretty good.