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They screwed up our order, but totally in our favor. Ended up with way more food then we ordered. Totally Sweet!


Went grocery shopping for my refrigerator at work Now I have food again for the 2/3 of my meals that I eat at work (Breakfast, Lunch, & Sometimes Dinner) for the next 2 weeks or so.


Some how our nice metal ice scoop for the ice mechine went missing at work a little while back. Well today I set out to empty the ice mechine and look for the scoop. Found it just where we thought it would be, at the bottom of the ice bid. Guess someone threw it back in the mechine one day & the mechine made fresh ice over it and that was that


A little know fact is that since the car I bought from CarMax came from California, it is not an LEV (Low Emission Vehicle), but an PZEV (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle).

Since my car is a PZEV , it qualifys as a "Green Vehicle" in the City of Albuquerque. And since its a "Green Vehicle", I get free parking at any city parking meter.

Well today, my parking permit came in the mail. I am so happy. No longer do I have to worry about paying for parking at any city meter (anywhere in town). I am so going downtown and to SnobHill (NobHill) more then I did before. There are many places I love both downtown and in NobHill, but I hate worring about parking & having money for the meters.

Now I need to figure out what else owning a PZEV can get me. Anyone got a list?

I love my new chair. Check out the after (picture 1) & before (picture 2) pictures.



My finger has been swolen and I do not know why. Its been like this since before I left ABQ. Might have to get in to see my doc sometime this week if it does not get better. Just another thing to do.