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Working on our gate here at work beacuse its having some issues working with our remote openers (yes, that part of my job too). Right now, I am not sure whats going on & I need to wait for a coworker to come back from lunch so I can test something.

Just another day in IT!


Wow, so surprised to find these. Normally you cant find these in New Mexico. We used to get some other crappy flavor. Now I just hope Smiths continues to stock these.


I lol’ed.


One of my long term projects at work has been to clean up the rats nest of wireing that is my server room. I’ve made great improvements on it from when I inherented the mess, but I still have a long way to go.


Forgot I had leftovers from dinner in the frig, so I cooked dinner. Oh well, it was tasty, which is what counts (I think).


Found this in my math book today. It gave me a laugh. I must say that I do feel the same way. Fibonacci Numbers bored the crap out of me, and I find them useless.