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So Freaking True!


This is true. I wonder this everyday. For those of you who cant / wont look at the picture, its a sign that says: Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the hell happended!


Found this at the checkout stand of my Smiths (Kroger) grocery store. Lol. Someone is going to make some money off this swine Flu scare. 🙂


Getting ready to see the Opera Southwest performance of La Cenerentola (Cinderella) at the historic Kimo Theater. Good night at the opera with my parents & grandma.


Not going anywhere fast…



View from my front door.

My View For The Night


My view for the night as seen from the patio of my former bosses house overlooking Corrales & Albuquerque. Great view from here.


Eating dinner at Five Guys Burgers & Frys in Aurora, CO before I need to head back to DEN for my flight back home to Albuquerque. There are so many good places to eat (Five Guys, Panera, & Chipotle) that we do not have in Albuquerque, that I try and hit them up whenever I am somewhere that has these restaurants.

And to all my Denver / Colorado Springs / Northern Colorado friends, I am sorry, but I was I was just not in town long enough to see any of you. Heck, I was really only in the Denver area for just about 24 hours even.


Yep, ICP is staying / stayed at my hotel last night. Got a full day meeting here in Denver, then I fly back to ABQ tonight.

Up in a hot air balloon!