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Ya, I am really going to do this. Its a great honor, but I still think I might pissed my pants too. Anyone who knows me, knows this is totally out of charter for me. Oh, C’est La Vie!


We are not sure whats going on, but pretty sure its related to both of us runing the beta. I am about ready to plug it in to iTunes to see what it wants.

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So now I have to fix this (yes, this is somehow in my job description). At least I get paid to fix this, unlike the plumbing problems at my house.

I Love MailChimp!


MailChimp, which is an mass e-mail program I use to send out e-mails to the youth group, is totally made of??awesome! They have these little things in the corner and when I logged in this morning, this is what was waiting for me!

I kid you not. The picture with blue sky was taken from my office looking out to the west. The other picture was taken from an office on the opposite side of the building, looking east! Both pictures were taken within a minute of the other. Our weather here can be so freaking crazy!



Found this on the westside of Albuquerque this afternoon when I was out with my youth group. For those who do not know, its really a cell tower.

The funny thing is we do not have trees that look like this in town. I do understand that they are trying to blend the tower in, but in reality, it just makes it stick out like a sore thumb.


Sent from my HTC Touch Pro2 on the Now Network from Sprint??.


Found at my former bosses house. I love it!


Park and Ride #FAIL!


So they have some major kinks to work out in the park and ride system or this years Balloon Fiesta. This is not even half of the line. There is a very large line behind me you can not see!