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Taken this afternoon after the storm that moved through last night. The Sandia’s look so amazing with all that snow.


Finally know where the first Five Guys Burgers & Frys will be in the State of New Mexico. Its going to be in Holly Plaza on Paseo Del Norte between Louisiana & San Pedro. I think that I am in love. Now I wonder when they are going to open…?


I really do love this chart. Its simple and easy to see. And its raw numbers. You could recreate this chart yourself if you wanted to.

If you ask me if I still believe in hope & change, I do! I really do!

Spent 16 dollars and am up $50. Won the $50 on a single dollar play. Think its my time to quit.

I have enjoyed pulling the slots with my cousin & her friends who are spending the night at my place as they head back home.